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We are the premier home care and maintenance company serving the Grand Strand with more than 30 years experience.

We Care, when you can't be there.

Honey-Do Handyman - Small Repairs

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Receive all the home repair help you need with the reliable professional handyman services. Condo Care assists with prioritizing repair work, which means we complete jobs faster and better than your typical 'handyman for hire'. With so little free time, wouldn't you rather spend those precious free moments with friends and family, doing the activities you love, instead of on home repairs?

One call to Condo Care takes care of it all- no stress, no headaches!

Routine Repairs

Our professional handyman services can help with a lot of the odd jobs and installations that you just don't have the time to complete, including:

  • Hot water heater element replacement
  • Replacing broken ceramic tiles
  • Installing new kitchen or bath sink fixtures
  • Replacing toilet tank parts and repairing leaks
  • Installing new mailboxes
  • Coating vent pipes, and much more!

Let us work on your repair list so you can enjoy your time doing the things you love!

In need of home
service or repair?

In the two years since first requesting their (services)... we still retain Condo Care for lawn care and home maintenance needs.

- Robert & Susan T.
Homeowner, Murrells Inlet

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Hurricane & Tropical Storm Protection?

Be Prepared...Be at the Top of the List For Info Click Here!

Weekly, Monthly & Bi-monthly Inspection Contracts

Inspection services give you that piece of mind to put you at ease owning a second home and make the most of your vacation time. We look for potential problems before they become a major repair. Refer to our Inspection heading for more details.

Additional Services by Request:

  • Alarm Response
  • Housekeeping
  • Storm Preparedness


  • Trash Removal
  • Pre/Post Storm Inspection


When you use Condo Care, you get peace of mind. Offering 24 hour security and emergency service, their able hand is only a phone call away. Whether inspecting for possible burglaries to being the first call when your security alarm goes off, Condo Care will ensure your condo, home, or townhouse is safe. During hurricane season or after a big storm, rest assure that Condo Care is there providing reliable storm shutter installation and removal, after storm clean up services, and storm damage inspections to those on a first come first serve basis.